IT'S HERE - $900,000
Date Posted: May 15, 2020


Due to the incredible support of our RCU members, 2019 was another successful year.  As a member of Raymore Credit Union, you are an owner and when we are successful, we like to share our success!  Raymore Credit Union is excited to announce Patronage Rewards of $900,000!!  This is truly the Credit Union difference - being an owner and sharing in the profits! Our profits are your profits and they are invested directly back into the community through you!    

Over $4.69M has been returned to our Members since 2000!                          

Now that’s something to smile about!


EXCITING, RIGHT!? Now, how do you earn Patronage?  To be eligible to earn Patronage, all you have to do is be a Raymore Credit Union member (have a $5 member share).  There are two different ways you can earn Patronage Rewards:  

For 2019, the calculation was based on 14.9% of:


  •   The interest PAID on your eligible savings & non-registered term deposits in 2019

-        Ex: If you were paid $1,500 interest on your investment(s) in 2019, your Patronage payment would be $223.50


  •   The interest PAID on your eligible loans & mortgages in 2019

-        Ex:  If you paid $2,900 interest in 2019, your Patronage payment would be $432.10

Patronage will be paid out through direct deposit.  For those receiving Patronage, the payment may be a combination of a cash payment (into your chequing or savings account) and a deposit into your equity account.  Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic we are experiencing, we will not be able to host a BBQ lunch to celebrate.  





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