Date Posted: May 25, 2017



Go to your smartphone's app store and search "Raymore Credit Union", just download it. It's FREE! Key features include:
*Not available for Blackberries yet

  • Deposit AnywhereTM - deposit cheques with your camera

  • Check your account balances, activity, make transfers and pay bills

  • Display your balances using the QuickView feature

  • Send or receive INTERAC e-Transfers

Logging into the app is easy; just use the same credentials you use to sign into MemberDirect® Online Banking.  Once you log out or close the app, your secure session will end. 
Login ID# - this is your MemberCard® number
PAC - this is the same as your Password to MemberDirect® Online Banking
To sign up for MemberDirect® Online Banking, call 1.866.612.2300 or visit our branch.

Don't have the app? Try these:
Mobile Web - If you have internet access on your phone then you can perform MemberDirect Online Banking on it!  Manage your finances virtually anywhere.
Go to and click on ‘Online Banking', your phone will automatically take you to the mobile version!

With Mobile Banking it doesn't matter what kind of cell phone you have as long as you can send & receive text messages. Get real time access to your account balances and recent account activity information.  
To set up mobile banking log into Online Banking, go to ‘Account Services' and choose ‘Manage Mobile Banking'. Click on the button ‘Register your phone for Mobile Banking'.  Follow the screens, when finished setup you can also setup a contact in your phone with the phone number MONEY (66639).
Text any of these commands to MONEY (66639) and receive your account information on your phone.

  • ACT - primary account activity

  • BAL - primary account balance

  • BAL ALL - all account balances

  • STOP - to permanently delete your phone

Deposit AnywhereTM allows you to deposit cheques on the go - from anywhere, at any time! Deposit AnywhereTM is convenient, easy and safe.

Simply use your smartphone to take a picture of both sides of your cheque.
Save yourself a trip to the branch or ATM - deposit cheques from wherever, day or night!


ALERTS for Internet Banking

You can easily set up alerts and be notified when:

  • a new bill payee is added to your list of vendors

  • your Personal Access Code (PAC) is changed via online banking

  • you are locked out of online banking after 3 log in attempts

  • login alert

  • INTERAC e-Transfer New Rrecipients are added

Stay informed by email or text message when an online event occurs on your account. This additional protection allows you to identify and report potential fraudulent activity as soon as it happens.

Sign up is easy, PROTECT YOURSELF!

  1. Log into online banking at  
  2. Navigate to the Messages and Alerts tab and click on ‘Get Started Today' to display the Mobile Alerts page.  Choose Add Contacts.
  3. You will be asked to accept the Alerts Agreement before you can complete your registration.
  4. From here, add an email contact, phone contact (or both!) and follow the instructions received in the confirmation email or text.
  5. Next, select account nicknames and choose which alerts you'd like to receive.
  6. Ensure the check box beside the contact (email address and/or mobile phone) to receive the alert has been checked by choosing Manage Alerts and selecting the alerts you wish to receive.   Click Submit.  You're all set!


Did you know?  Using Interac Flash functionality is great for transactions under $100.
Just hold your card over the pin pad, listen for the "beep" and done. 
Secure - Quick - Easy!


Go paperless with e-Statements! There is a $2 fee for paper statements, to eliminate this contact us and we will be happy to help you!
To view your statements online; simply login to MemberDirect® online banking, under My Accounts, and click "View e-Statements".


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