Attempted Phishing Advisory
Date Posted: Sep 09, 2013

We have been advised that when accessing MemberDirect® some members are receiving a pop-up requesting them to complete a MemberDirect survey.

This is NOT a valid survey. 

We recommend the following:

·        Do not complete the survey.    

·        Call us @ 306-746-2160 and explain your situation, your PAC & Increased Authentication questions may need to be changed.

·        Once this is complete register your computer so you do not have to answer the security question each time you login. If you use multiple computers, each computer will need to be registered.

·        Run a virus scan on your computer and if no virus is found, you should consider trying at least two other scanners. As virus creation becomes easier, not all scanners may pick up newer viruses as soon as others. It is strongly recommended if no initial infection is found, two others should be tried.

·        Please should ensure your computer’s antivirus is up to date.

Do not use the same computer where you received the survey for sensitive tasks until you are clear on how your computer was compromised. 

Because we do not want this to spread please let us know the following information so we can submit it to help solve the incident:

·        Computer or mobile device type

·        Operating system

·        Browser version

·        IP address (you can get the outgoing IP address for the workstation by accessing from that workstation)

·        Internet provider

·        Anti-virus

·        Last visited site before pop-up

·        Screenshot of the survey page received


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