MemberDirect Internet Banking Alert
Date Posted: Jun 13, 2013

MemberDirect Internet Banking Alert


We have been alerted to the presence of an SMS text messaging phishing scam that is contacting people across Canada.  People receive an alert (sample below), requesting that they call a toll free number because their account has been locked due to exceeding online attempts.  The text messages reference a financial institution name.  The person receiving the text does not always have a relationship with the financial institution referenced; which indicates that the text messages are being randomly sent.


DO NOT provide your card number, expiry date and your personal access code at any time. 

This may lead to your account being compromised.



Our credit union service provider, Central 1, does provide MemberDirect Alerts as required.  These alerts would advise our customers if their accounts have been locked out due to filing a password 3 times, or failing the Increased Authentication challenge question 3 times as well.  In both of these cases, the Alert would populate with the following message format:  “Login failed and account is locked.  Contact Raymore Credit Union.

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