Estate Planning Session
Date Posted: Nov 01, 2019


Do we/I have a Will?  What happens if I don't have a Will?  

Why is a Power of Attorney important? What is it?
What is an Executor?
When and where do I begin?

These might be questions that you want to ask, but unsure who to ask ... Let us help.

Our Estate Planning info session will discuss the importance of Wills, Power of Attorneys (POAs), Health Care Directives and Executor Ease.

Many people avoid the topic of Estate Planning.  However, a carefully considered and up-to-date estate plan is the greatest gift you can leave to those you care about most.  Estate planning is a process that eliminates uncertainties and maximizes the value of your estate.  A complete estate plan ensures that your loved ones are looked after. 

Did you know?

A Will is one of the most important documents associated with estate planning.  It’s recommended that your Will is prepared by a legal professional to ensure it’s properly written, executed and provides clear direction.
Dying without a Will (intestate) can lead to unwanted and unplanned consequences:

· You forfeit the ability to select your executor; the courts appoint an administrator instead

· You will not be able to distribute your estate according to your wishes; the end result may be quite different from what you wanted

· The distribution of assets to your beneficiaries will be delayed

· Additional legal fees may be required to settle the estate

· Additional income taxes may be payable

· The court will appoint a guardian for your minor children   

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