AutoPay Now Available
Date Posted: May 01, 2019

Effective April 30, you now have the option to sign up for our AutoPay feature! This new feature allows you to have your monthly credit card payments automatically deducted from their chequing or savings account.

Two payment options are available when you sign up for AutoPay:

  • Minimum payment amount - The minimum payment amount shown on the last credit card statement is automatically withdrawn on the Payment Due Date from the your credit union account each month and paid to your credit card.
  • Full balance - The full balance shown on the last statement is automatically withdrawn from the your credit union account each month on the Payment Due Date and paid to your credit card account.


With AutoPay you will enjoy convenience and peace of mind; never having to worry about missing a payment on your credit card again!

Easy set-up with a self-serve option in MyCardInfo.
MyCardInfo website: 
OR click the "Credit Cards" yellow button on our homepage!

  • Sign into MyCardInfo
  • Go to the Account Info tab
  • Choose Automatic Payments
  • Choose if you would like Full Balance or Minimum Payment!

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