Electronic Services Agreement
Date Posted: Mar 11, 2019

Attention: Users of Internet and Telephone Banking

Please be advised that, effective January 2019 the Legal Agreement which outlines the Terms and Conditions for provision of Internet and Telephone Banking services will be amended. 

By continuing to use our Internet or Telephone banking services after the effective date of the amended Agreement, your acceptance of the revised Terms and Conditions is inferred.

A copy of the amended agreement is available from any Service Representative or staff member. The new Agreement is also available on our MemberDirect Internet Banking site under the "Legal" link.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Jennifer MacTavish
Raymore Credit Union


Summary of Changes to Electronic Services Agreement:

  1. Additions

Part 8A - Invoicing Services- Terms and Conditions

  • To cover MDSB Invoicing Services

Part 11 - Western Union Services - Terms and Conditions

  • Online International Remittance Services

    2. Updates

Part 2 - Electronic Transfer Services (Interac® e-Transfer) - Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Updated to include new Enhanced User Features - Auto-Deposit and Request Payment

    Note: Central 1 did not include any updates to their DSA for these new Interac e-Transfer features. After review of Interac documents and the financial services landscape our legal counsel highly recommended the addition of terms for EUF in the ESA.  (5 out of 5 of the major FIs in Canada included new legal terms for EUF)

Part 10 - Mobile Payment Services - Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Updated to include requirements for Apple Pay

    3.  Additional Notes

  • Legal counsel reviewed the Alexa Terms of Use against the Electronic Services Agreement and concluded that no changes were required to the current version of ESA if the intention is to have individual users sign or accept the additional Terms of Use prepared by C1 before they can use the Alexa functionality.   The General Terms and Conditions (Part 1) of the ESA would apply to the use of the Alexa service and the Terms of Use (for Alexa skill) will supplement the terms of the ESA.  They did not see any provisions in the ESA that would conflict with the Terms of Use (and vice versa).


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