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Date Posted: Jan 18, 2017


HIGH PRESSURE Door-to-Door Furnace Sales

The Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan is warning consumers to beware of high-pressure home energy sales persons going door-to-door selling heating/cooling units. Over the past 2 weeks, True North Home Solutions, has been in the Saskatoon area. Complaints and inquiries have focused on allegations of high pressure sales tactics that include they are ‘part of' or ‘associated with' either Sask Power or Sask Energy. This is not a BBB Accredited business. Information gathered about this business, including this Alert is located at:

The Direct Sellers Act requires the business AND the salesperson to have a direct sellers license unless they are exempted by legislation. In addition, they will likely require a municipal license, too. There are no licensing exemptions for direct salespersons who sell home renovation products or services, all direct sellers of home renovation products must be licensed.

Every year the BBB receives a number of inquiries and complaints from consumers and municipalities who have been contacted regarding the sale of home heating/cooling services. The majority of the inquiries this year for this product/service concerns three separate companies that are not accredited businesses, with a head office in Ontario. The previous Consumer Alert was issued March 10, 2016. This is the time of year that the sales people will be going door-to-door. The BBB offers the following tips if you are thinking about acquiring a home heating/cooling system

  • Direct sellers going door to door must be licensed under Consumer Protection in Saskatchewan. Ask for a copy of their Direct Sellers License. Ask for the address of the Registered Office in Saskatchewan for the business.
  • Most urban municipalities require seasonal businesses engaged in door-to-door sales to be licensed in the municipality. Ask for a copy of that municipal business license.
  • If they are from out of province, ask for the contact person for the Saskatchewan office.
  • Under the Direct Sellers Act consumers may cancel any contract executed at home, provided such cancellation is provided in writing to the Saskatchewan office of the business within 10 calendar days of its execution.
  • You may not want to let them in, at all. It is your home.
  • Reputable businesses won't require signatures at the door. Take the time to read the documentation at your leisure. If the sales pitch has a limited time offer attached to it, ask the sales person to leave immediately and close your door.
  • Obtain competitive quotes from businesses offering similar services. Contact the BBB (phone 1.888.352.7601 or online: to check out the business or to obtain a list of businesses offering similar service.
  • Ask for references who have had the service in the past in Saskatchewan, then contact the references and discuss their level of satisfaction with the service.
  • Ask the sales person at your door for all the details including installation costs, monthly financing costs, terms of the contract, how are contracts renewed, how product failures are handled, how service failures are handled, and what happens if you decide to move.
  • If you choose to enter a contract with a door-to-door sales person or with another service provider, insist on full training on the system during normal business hours, and insist that installation be done between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., or at the very least at your convenience. There is no need to install home heating/cooling systems in the evening.
  • Do not leave your home unattended while the installation is occurring.
  • Before you sign any contract, take the time to read the fine print.


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