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Q. Is online banking secure?

A. Keeping your money and information secure is always a high priority for Raymore Credit Union.  At Raymore Credit Union, you can feel secure about banking online. We have enhanced security features, including an increased authentication process, for your protection.


In addition to the personal access code (PAC) that you currently have to enter to access your information, you are required to answer 1 of the 3 challenge questions in addition to reviewing an image and a phrase you set up initially.  Every time you log into MemberDirect on your own computer, you will see the image and security caption that you chose.  If you don’t see this, you will know it is not an authentic site.


If you log onto a shared computer (i.e. at a library or internet cafe), you will be asked one of your three challenge questions.  Once you answer one question correctly and enter your password, you will be allowed to access your account.


You will have three attempts to get the correct answer.  After three unsuccessful attempts to log in, your account will be locked and you will be required to contact Raymore Credit Union to unlock your account. 


Unfortunately, cyber-crime is very common in today's online world. As criminals discover new ways to attempt to compromise your personal information, we need to follow suit and increase security features.  We are dedicated to ensuring your money and personal information is safe and secure. 

Have you ever received an email that appears to be from a financial institution? It may have asked you to update your account information by clicking on a link. This is called phishing. It is a criminal's attempt at gaining your personal account information. Our enhanced security feature will ensure you know you are on the authentic Raymore Credit Union online banking site – MemberDirect.