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As proud as we are of our long history in this region, we're prouder still of how active we remain in our communities. Part of our commitment to keeping us all connected is this community hub. It's a gathering place of sorts for our members and the people who live in and around Raymore, Punnichy and Dysart.




Our communities may be small, but they are vibrant. That's because of people like you who participate, organize and support what happens in our towns. To make it easier for you, we've created this calendar for community members to stay in touch with what's happening. Check back often and let us know if you would like to see something posted here.

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Sponsorships & Donations

Raymore Credit Union believes in our community.  We take pride in the ability to support various charitable, volunteer and community organizations.

You'll want to select this option if you are looking for a contribution to your event or activity.


Growing Communities Grant

We provide support and positive change to our communities.  By developing the Growing Communities program in 2009 we have created a legacy of community based projects.  Our current members and the generations to come will benefit.

Choose this option if you are spear heading projects such as:

  • Capital for community facilities
  • Recreation facilities & equipment
  • One-time projects and major events

Submit semi-annual applications by April 30th or October 31st.