The world is brimming with opportunity, but it isn't always that easy. If you're thinking of pursuing a college or university degree, turn to us. Whether you're fresh out of high school or considerably more experienced, we can help make it happen.



Saving for School

Higher education opens up a world of possibility, but it can come with a pretty hefty price tag. We have tools and savings products that can help ease the financial burden that goes hand-in-hand with a college or university degree. Whether you're starting a savings plan for your child, grandchild or for yourself, we're here for you. At Raymore Credit Union, we're proud to stand behind our members and help them achieve their goals.

We also have investment professionals right here in our branches that can set all of this up for you. They can design a plan for you that includes:

Attending post-secondary education is such an exciting step in life, however it can be quite costly being a student, and we are here to help!  Our STUDENTCHOICE® Package is perfect for students attending post-secondary education.

  • low interest STUDENTCHOICE®  loan (up to $10,000/year)
  • interest bearing student account
  • FREE transactions & INTERAC e-Transfers
  • Apply for a Student Credit Card ($500 limit)
  • online services you can access from anywhere

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At Raymore Credit Union, Growing Communities is a lot more than a catchy tag line. It's about focusing on what matters the most to the people who live in our communities and then helping them achieve their goals. There's no better way for us to do this than to offer scholarships to deserving young people like you who are working hard and getting great grades.

The way we see it, you represent the best of our communities and a brighter future for all of us. Helping you with your education, even just a little, makes us all stronger. Contact us for more information. 

Student MasterCard

Helping students build a strong financial future.

Whether you're looking to build credit or simply need a card for convenience and security, the Student Mastercard is the smart choice.

There's no annual fee and most purchases are protected with an extended warranty. Using, building, and understanding credit couldn't be simpler.